Because there aren’t already enough angsty brides writing blogs

When I told my fiancé, whose name really is Special Someone, that I was thinking about starting a wedding blog and considering “Skeptic Bride” as a possible title, he did not freak out, but rather suggested I start a blog about trailer park weddings and call it “Septic Bride.” Indeed, there are already too many blogs similar to what this one will be: musings and rants on the craziness of planning a big American wedding in the 21st century. I have no real niche interest here, unlike all the DIY brides or the theme-wedding brides or the bringing-together-two-or-more-distinct-cultures brides. My rather common wedding story is that Special Someone and I are getting married in about five months, our ceremony is at my family’s church and the reception is at a country club, and my parents are hosting it (a great blessing, to be sure, but not without its occasional difficulties). I have a tendency to question every wedding tradition, decide it’s not really worth abandoning that tradition, and then continue to complain about that tradition – making me a most irritating daughter, friend, and partner, but one with a lot to say and in need of a new space to say it, if only for the sake of my loved ones’ sanity.

The name “Skeptic Bride” is not meant to refer to my skepticism about marriage, but about weddings (which I wholeheartedly enjoy when they are not mine) and the wedding industry. Now, I know that “in this economy” it is practically sacrilegious to criticize a thriving industry that supports so many local businesses. But it is probably not Florence the Florist who is turning you, the bride, into a battle-axe from hell – it’s The Knot, the magazines, the unsolicited email newsletters, the millions of wedding planning and etiquette books out there, the romantic comedies and reality shows, and the opinions foisted upon you by every person you’ve ever met and sometimes people you’ve never met. As little girls we are raised to believe that the wedding is “your big day,” so it can be a little jilting to realize your wedding is really “everyone else’s big day, especially Crate & Barrel’s.”

Not that this blog will be a tirade against Weddings, Inc. – I’m already enough of a hypocrite. I think it will focus more on conflicted feelings, funny situations, and maybe the occasional vendor review. (I’m sure there are not already 12,000 other blogs that do the exact same thing!) And it is definitely not meant to be serious: although planning a wedding tends to take over one’s brain (and make one wonder what she used to think about all day before the planning began), there are, shockingly, more important things in the world than this one event. And with that admission, I am now free to write a completely trivial and self-centered blog (redundant, yes) that will serve no admirable purpose.


5 Comments on “Because there aren’t already enough angsty brides writing blogs”

  1. Mike says:

    Yes! Another blog, but this one I can actually relate to! I love the concept. Please do a post on random caterer bullshit charges, like ‘cake cutting’ fees.

  2. skepticbride says:

    Mike, I’m glad you like it! I am a bit relieved to say I can’t relate to random caterer bullshit charges since our venue is doing the catering and everything is including (so while there are probably a ton of random bullshit charges, we don’t get to find out what they are). But I would love for you to guest-post sometime!

  3. Anonymous vintage country hipster says:

    Just discovered this blog. What a great idea! I can totes relate as my fiancée seems to be going through the exact same things as you. I thought it was just because she is a little strange–glad to hear there is someone else going through a similar situation. Keep up the good work and look forward to reading more!

  4. Ellie says:

    There aren’t enough! Bring on the skepticism. The problem with a lot of great wedding blogs is the brides get married and then they leave all those newly engaged persons out in the cold – so it’s good to have the fresh blood!

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