Love Bites

I used to think it was pointless and sad for brides-to-be to go on strict weight loss regimens and sometimes even resort to plastic surgery in preparation for their weddings. After posing for engagement pictures and seeing them posted on Facebook, I fully understand the reasoning behind it.


Of course I’m no great beaut anyway, but don’t start blaming our photographer: she’s wonderful. Her quickly growing business is called Emily Rose Portraits and I highly recommend her to all those in the Tampa/Orlando areas and all those who, like me, are willing to fly her up for a wedding – her rates are so reasonable that even with the cost of plane tickets she’s a steal compared to most DC-area photographers. If she reads this, she may feel compelled to jack up her prices, so act quickly all you pre-maritals (and you post-maritals, too – she does beautiful portraits of children and families).  She was in town this past week visiting family and offered to take our engagement photos. I hope to post some on this blog eventually, even though they make me want to:

1) get braces again (am deeply regretting not wearing my retainers religiously all those years);

2) tone up and slim down (somehow without changing a thing about my lifestyle);

3) start brushing my hair and perhaps even start using “product” (a more difficult prospect than one might think);

4) start wearing HEAVY cover-up; and

5) take smiling lessons (someone must teach these – perhaps an enterprising former beauty queen or someone).

I know the engagement photo session cannot promise to turn tragically unphotogenic couples into supermodels; it’s merely about capturing how happy you look and how excited you are about getting married. Emily did a great job of that. It’s not her fault I look like a shark about to chomp on Special Someone’s head in most of the pictures — that’s just what my face does. But now that we have these engagement photos behind us, hopefully by the time the wedding’s over and we’re looking at those pictures, I’ll be used to it. I won’t be all “Oh my gosh, I look like Jaws! All memories of our wedding are ruined!” Instead I’ll be all “You can tell from the nonstop appearance of my huge-ass teeth that I was smiling the whole night!” That said, I’m still really hoping Special Someone’s dental plan at least partially covers orthodontics.


5 Comments on “Love Bites”

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t like the way you talk about my friend’s appearance! I think she’s quite lovely!

    Though I did specifically recommend to that photographer that she have a hairbrush on hand. 😉

  2. rebecca says:

    I love this post because I know a lot of brides feel this way. I hate ALL pictures of me so I can totally relate; I always think “do I really look like THAT? Ugh”. But I bet they are wonderful pictures and the happiness will radiate through them. We are our own worst critics, right? Can’t wait to see them!

  3. Oh Diana, you are such a riot! You look stunning in the pictures and I know that everyone looking at them will think that as well! You two are so so cute together and I really cant wait to photograph your wedding!

  4. Rachel W says:

    Di Di! The pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I saw them before reading this, and was thinking how beautiful and skinny you looked! And I LOOOOOVE the dress – where did you get it?? But I can help you with product so let me know.

  5. skepticbride says:

    Sarah: I KNOW, my photographer told me you said that! I still hate brushing my hair though…

    Rebecca: thank you, and thanks for stopping by! I hope to get some pictures up soon.

    Emily: you are so sweet, I can’t wait for you to photograph the wedding either!

    RW: thanks!!! the dress is from this New Orleans store called Trashy Diva. i bought two of their dresses when i was there last year and they are my favorites. you can order online, but apparently their stuff is also sold in nyc! check it out:

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