Toile and trouble

Remember when I wrote about how I judge other people’s registries? Well, now I know how the other side feels. A couple weeks ago, my mom sent me this email about my unlikely choice of dinner plates:

Hi Diana,

I looked at your Macy’s registry today and I was surprised to see the china you picked.  When you told me you picked the Villeroy and Boch with different patterns I thought you meant the French Garden pattern which has a whole bunch of different french garden patterns in plates and serving pieces that you can mix together, giving you a lot of variety.  I wanted to make sure that they posted the one you picked.  It just doesn’t look like you, with the hunt country scenes.  If it is the one you picked, that’s fine.  I hope you don’t take offense.  My mom thought my wedding china was “boring and mamby pamby” but that didn’t stop me from choosing it.  If it isn’t the one you ordered you should let Macy’s know.  It doesn’t look like anyone has ordered it yet.
Moth [yes, I often call my mom “Moth” — short for Mother — and she refers to herself as such.]

I actually didn’t pick out the “hunt country scene” pattern from Macy’s — although that’s what appeared on my registry site — but it still managed to cause quite a stir among my shower and wedding guests. My aunt told my mom she thought I would come to regret these plates, with the polite qualification “I know Diana likes quirky things, but she might get really tired of those,” while another friend came right out and said my plates are ugly.

Thanks, Macy’s, for starting rumors of my questionable taste. It was embarrassing enough that I just took the plates off the registry and am too overwhelmed with other details to replace them with something different. (It’s sooo hard being me!!) Oh well, I’m just as happy eating off the mismatched thrift store plates I’ve had since college and am looking forward to adding Special Someone’s plates to the dinnerware collage. On the other hand, the mamby-pamby “hunt country scene” plates I accidentally registered for would have nicely complemented the background on this blog.


4 Comments on “Toile and trouble”

  1. Kate says:

    Hahaha…I too was one of the ones wondering about your horrible taste in china! I was relieved to hear it was just a mistake…not that I was gonna buy any of that ugly stuff for you anyway!

  2. kathleen says:

    Props to your mom for looking out for you! 🙂 I heard registry horror stories about some store randomly adding things to registries, or the things that were scanned in-store turned up as other things on the list online or something… anyway, similar confusion and embarrassment ensued. Glad you caught it before people started sending it to you — although Macy’s has a pretty good return/exchange policy anyway.

  3. Danny says:

    Actually, I kind of like those plates.

  4. Ellie says:

    My cousin has those plates. They are even less her than they are you. I assumed they were something that appealed to people with finer taste than me.

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